The house on Tigertail is an original Craig Ellwood house built in 1953. Built on an exposed hillside lot north of West Hollywood, but in disrepair due to age and weathering, the house is a spectacular example of the California Modern style.

The clients wanted to restore the house true to the original design, without changing the original design or floor plan. While the foundation and framing could be kept, substantial repair and refinishing was required. Among the most important to the design was replacing the floor-to-ceiling glass that covers two sides of the house that overlook the rear yard of the property. The unique design and finish of the roof also needed to be repaired and substantially replaced with materials the matched the original design.

On the interior, the custom cabinetry in the bedrooms and kitchen needed to be re-built. The wood used for these was carefully selected to match that of the existing cabinets and to the original tongue-and-groove wood ceilings. Fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom were all original and needed to be completely replaced. New fixtures were selected to be true to the modern design of the house.