The existing Eucalyptus grove localizes this south facing site, on a busy cross through street half a block west of Lincoln Boulevard in Venice, California . The neighboring houses are single story craftsman or Spanish style houses mostly built in the 1920's, and renovated, and landscaped since.

A noisy site, with a lot of potential. An existing single story building to be remodeled, and added onto with some existing none conforming setbacks on a flat site, and a gorgeous grove of trees to work with. Privacy, noise, ease of circulation, security, and maximizing the useable spaces, not the enclosed space were elements of design.

The site is residentially zoned. The front yard has a 15'-0" setback the side yards vary between 3'-0" on the west and 4'-6" on the east side the rear setback is 12'-0". The height limit is 25'-0" at front with a stepped back roof up to 28'-0". No limitation for square footage.

A pilot and a flight attendant with their 2 daughters (now 3 daughters) and 2 dogs. Their requirements where an easy to store grab and go luggage storage space, spaces which are easy to clean, scratch resistant floor at the ground level with no visual obstructions so that Barbara could keep an eye on her 2 year old while baking.

Different zones at the ground floor, with strategically placed wiring systems and lighting options (both natural and artificial) allow for multi functional spaces. using the existing trees and creating a patio allows an exterior foyer into the ascending courtyard, the built-in book shelves and grab and go storage closet wrap around the powder room, and front south facing walls to quiet the noise and additionally insolate, which also creates a space for dining area with a centered window adjacent to the kitchen, while having it open to the rest of the space.

You can sit at the kitchen bar working in a quiet space, while keeping an eye on your 2 year old, have a layered landscape view of the very tight back yard which does not look that way, because of juxtaposed green Plexiglas fence, making sure the cr¸me brulee won't burn, have privacy from the busy street, get natural light from the clerestories and an ocean breeze all at the same time.

Or enjoy a bath on the second floor being completely surrounded by natural light and sky, a view of the fireplace beyond, and walk out onto the deck in complete privacy.

No boldozers were seen at the demolition site. The existing structure was hand picked through to make sure all the good lumber remains. Tube steel and Parallams, and deepened footings in between existing and new wood studs with stucco glass and galvalum at exterior, gypsum wall board and wood at interior walls. Light weight concrete over existing raised floor at ground floor and hardwood floor at second floor. Tile at baths

A top coat of light weight concrete over the existing raised floor allowed for reusing the existing floor joists by slightly strengthening them, which also allowed us to use radiant floor heating while achieving the scratch resistant floor that the client desired. Strengthening of the foundations, and maintaining as much of the existing structure i.e. stair structure, most exterior ground floor studs, existing garage area, Thus avoiding complete demolition reducing land fill. Introducing storage spaces at south facing / noisy walls allows for both heat and sound insulation.

Passive solar heating. Large cantilevers / trellises / plants at the south and west facing facades. Use of drought tolerant plants.

Design / permitting / budget analysis 11 months. Construction of structure18 months. Built in furniture, decks and landscaping on going project by owner at leisure

The project cost is approximately $125.00 per square foot (not including the owners cost of built in furniture etc) The house is 2590 SF with 395 SF of decks/ balconies

The lot is 3426 SF This is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath house with an attached garage which multi functions as a play room for children.