The garden Walk streets in Venice are adjacent to Abbot Kinney Boulevard a shopping district.

The walkway are popular and just working on your garden you get to meet everyone. In the summer time once a year there is a pot lock block party, which takes place at the circle, in the middle of the block, or at one of the neighbors yard.

The existing house on the property had a front none conforming setback, which projected more than the adjacent houses massing of the building stepped back, the faŤade has horizontal projections, reducing the visual scale of the building. The colors, and materials used at the front connects you to the natural surrounding so that the building does not stick out.

A giant tree on the adjacent property requires us to have a minimal landscape at front.

The neighborhood is zoned for single-family residences. The front setback is 21'-0", side-yards are 4'-0" , rear-yard is 5'- 8".

The height limit is 25'-0" at front and 28'-0" at rear for a stepped back roof.

The SF is not limited. Venice specific plan review board review the required height and front setbacks.

Ian and Lesley insisted that the process be an enjoyable one, a lot of natural light and a lot of space to display art. An open floor plan with private spaces. A three bedroom and 2 1/2 bath house, with a space to paint / make sculptures.

At ground floor:
The garage and the house were separated to allow south light into the space / create an outdoor living space. The north and south walls are giant sliding glass doors leading out.

The kitchen was positioned directly at the corner to allow access to the BBQ area.

The east and west walls are solid to display art, yet allowing natural light to flow from down below or clearstory. The stair dances thru the interior space creating individual spaces.

At second floor:
The stair leads you part way up to a hallway, creating wall space for art display, connecting to the catwalk leading to the painting room. As one continues up you are in the hallway, which leads you into the bedrooms, and onto the deck, connecting you to the outdoors.

Prefabricated steel frame, Parallams, deepened footings and wood studs with stucco, glass and hardi-plank siding at exterior, gypsum wall board and wood at interior walls. hardwood floor, and stone at baths.

Passive solar heating. Large cantilevers / trellises at the south and west facing facades. FSB certified Lumber and finish wood. Clay paint at interior and exterior as required. Drought tolerant plants.

Design, permitting and the bidding process took 8 months Construction took 15 months

Total cost of construction was $550,000 which includes the house, decks, fences and the landscaping.

The cost for construction was between $160 to $175 per SF Total SF of this residence including the catwalk, decks, courtyard and balconies is 3415 SF
The enclosed ground floor is 1000 SF
The courtyard between the garage and house is 567 SF
The garage is 150 SF
The second floor enclosed space is 1153 SF
The front deck is 215 SF
The catwalk is 40 SF
The recreation room is 289 SF